90′s Fashion – Everything You Need To Know

The 90s fashion saw a genesis in the fashion world through the adoption of ear piercings, body piercings and tattoos.

There was the return to the minimalist fashion that was there in 1950s as well as 1970s.

The casual chic look was popularized through the adoption of trainers, hoodies, jeans and t-shirts which spilled over to the 2000s.

Women’s Fashion Trends in the 90′s

Womens 90s FashionIn the nineties, there were a lot of supermodels who dominated the industry and thus influenced fashion greatly. The likes of Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss among others deeply influenced fashion in the nineties. Women wore buttoned down denim shirts, colored tights, drainpipe jeans, tartan skirts and leggings. The most popular fashion accessories that people had then were headscarves, penny loafers, court shoes and cowboy boots. The mid-nineties that is 1994 to 1996 saw the revival of hippie fashion where floral maxi dresses returned, turtle neck shirts, Gypsy tops and lace blouses.

Women did not pay great attention to provocative clothes rather they considered freedom and comfort associated fashion. The push-up bra was common during this era as it helped women to enhance their looks. Long floral skirts, Paisley scarfs, denim shortalls and Lycra leggings were gaining popularity in Britain, Australia and America. Mid-rise and slim cut pants were popular and they were not fitting tightly. Mariuccia Mandelli was responsible for reviving the hot pants in the year 1995 which had been fashionable in the seventies. As from 1995/96 fashion took cues from the seventies disco fashion with leather pants, sequin dresses, maxi coats, boot-cut jeans, maxi skirts and yoga pants returning to popularity.

Conservative and Preppy Chic

In the 1995 film titled “Clueless” preppy clothing for women were rejuvenated as Cher Holowitz, the lead character, largely influenced women’s fashion. She was a fashion icon in the 1990s and her film popularized thigh-high socks, skirts that had plaid patterns that matched, microskirts, knee-high socks and collared shirts.


Designer clothing also became fashionable in Europe, especially in Italy where women begun wearing design clothing that had French or Italian labels like Armani, Lacoste, Gucci or Chanel. The designer clothes were used to show off one’s status in the society and their wealth. Navel piercings were also slowly catching up as more and more women opted to have them.

The Late 90s (1997 to 1999)

The fashion industry at this time saw women wear fleeces, crop tops, pastel colors and in 1998, they wore clothing that was inspired by the military like cargo pants and camouflage patterned flak jackets. The casual chic trend also became common with women adding over-sized t-shirts, yoga pants, cardigans, miniskirts that were high-waisted and tartan skirts. In 1997 there were newer trends such as platform shoes, thongs as underwear, low waist jeans, little black dress and pantsuits. Other women fashion trends associated with the nineties include the bandanas, jelly bracelets, large hopop earrings and wellington boots that had zebra stripes or leopard prints.

Men’s Fashion Trends in the 90′s

The Grunge Look

Mens 90s FashionThis was a very popular fashion trend amongst men in the nineties. The flannel shirts became so popular amongst the men as they guaranteed optimum warmth due to their loose fit and padded nature. Polo shirts, corduroy, wool sweaters and anoraks also became popular during this period. Drainpipe jeans became popular, especially amongst the fans of new wave music as well as straight leg jeans. Popular accessories amongst men in Britain and America at that time were Converse all stars, combat boots, Aviator sunglasses and tuques.

Mid-1990s saw longer hair being kept in Britain owing to Britpop’s success. Throwback pullover worn while playing baseball as jerseys and t-shirts that had great graphic prints of dragons, numbers or athletic logos. In 1995, America experienced the hip-hop fashion as hip-hop went mainstream during the year. This led to men wearing Baja jackets, bomber jackets, tracksuits and baseball jackets. Military and industrial styles were finding their way into mainstream fashion with accessories being the machinery pieces.

The Late 90s (1997 to 1999)

In the late 1990s, a rave culture and a streetwear fashion trend had emerged. Calvein Klein as well as Vera Wang made a comeback in the fashion industry. Canvas was replaced by leather and shoe soles were made from foam rather than the solid rubber that made the older soles. Preppy brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Old Navy were favored by the young men. Casual jackets, sweaters and tee shirts became fashionable as well as jean shorts, hoodies, cargo pants made from khaki and basketball shorts that were baggy. Untucked shirts also formed part of the 90s fashion trends as it was very common especially amongst the young people.